Puppy Program designed for pups that are as young as 12 weeks of age.   Pups will be introduced to Birds, Gun Fire, Decoys, Boats, Water, Blinds and Atv's.  Pups will also be introduced to training aids such as Leashes,Collars,Whistles, Platforms and Duck Calls.  6 WEEK PROGRAM
                         BASIC OBEDIENCE
Program designed to teach your retriever to be a good citizen as well as teach basic commands such as Sit, Stay, Heel, Here, Quiet and Kennel. These commands will be taught on leash, by voice and then by whistle. This is a six week program that may have to be extended by a couple of weeks at no additional cost to the client.
                                GUN DOG --3 LEVELS 
LEVEL ONE:  Basic Obedience will be taught in this level. Introduction to real hunting conditions that include Guns,Decoys, Blinds, Boats,Dog Stands, Atv's and of course BIRDS,BIRDS and more BIRDS. Force Fetch will be taught in order to produce good mouth habits such as delivering your bird to hand.  Once completed your dog should be able to be steady to wing and shot, mark single birds down on land and water and deliver that bird to you.    LEVEL ONE IS A  4 MONTH PROGRAM.
LEVEL TWO:  Retrievers must complete Level one before beginning this program. Designed for the person who would like to handle their retriever with the aid of whistle and hand signals through a hunting scenario. Retrievers will be able to mark multiple birds , be steady on diversions and honor other dogs. LEVEL TWO IS a 3 MONTH PROGRAM  
LEVEL THREE: Program designed for the client that is interested in running advanced hunt test or just wants a very nice finished dog. Level requires an above average dog. We will give an opinion of your dogs potential after levels one and two are completed.
                                 TUNE UP
Designed for the Retriever that may be a little rusty or out of shape. Focus is on conditioning, marking and retrieving tons of Birds . We will sharpen up any commands that your dog may already know.    6 WEEKS  

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