Begining in 2008  we award one dog for it's outstanding performance while here at Cypress Slew . The award is based on Desire, Trainability and overall Performance. The award is not
 based on Level of Training or if the Dog competes competively or not. The dog given the award will have excelled in the their level of training. We will award one dog each year at the end of our training year.                        2020 DOG OF THE YEAR

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PAST WINNERS :   2008 --TANGO    2009 --GUAGE     2010--TANK      2011--LEXI     2012 --RAVEN
                         2013-   ACE      2014--Jake      2015-- Braxx     2016--Delta   2017--Deke   2018--Rayland
                         2019- MEG

Maze is one of our Little girls that was born and raised in our kennels.  Owned by Dana Dubose in Charlotte , North Carolina .  Maze is one of the Best Handling dogs that we've had in a long time.  Not many holes in this little girl- She can do it all. Marking Machine and Blinds are about as smooth as it gets.  She don't care who is standing next to her she does her thing.  One of the most well rounded Dogs that you could ever share a duck blind with !!!!